Celebrating 60 years in business 

The Red Lion Café first opened its doors around 1930 in this original 3 story building.  Ray Morgan Sr. and his wife Minnie ran a one room country store selling groceries, gasoline and kerosene. 

After the depression, Ray and Minnie got a restaurant liquor license.  The trade name on the license was Red Lion Café, however it was more commonly known to the locals as Morgan’s Hotel.  Ray and Minnie ran the one room bar/restaurant for approximately 20 years.

On June 24, 1959 their son, Raymond Jr. and his wife Lorraine took over the business.  They were 24 years old.  At that time, they had 3 children – 4 year old Craig and 3 year old twin girls, Cheryl and Sharon.  7 years later in 1964, Douglas was born.  All of Ray and Lorraine’s 4 children worked in the restaurant as they grew up.  While the boys chose to pursue other careers, Cheryl and Sharon decided to stay to help run the family business.

The restaurant has undergone 4 major renovations, the first in 1970 when a 24 x 60 dining room was added.  The second, 10 years later with the addition of a new kitchen, banquet room and additional dining space.  A take-out area was added in 2012 – reducing the size of the banquet facility added during the second renovation.  Finally, the original bar was given a face-lift in 2014.  The Red Lion Tavern is now home to Trivia Night on Wednesday evenings and live musical entertainment every Friday night.

Ray and Lorraine “retired” in 2008.  We use the term loosely because they are both still very active.  Ray maintains a garden that provides a lot of the homegrown produce for the restaurant in the summertime. 

We welcome you to our family business.  We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again soon!